Your Chest Workout Today

Need some help choosing a workout today? Not so sure what you should do? Why not make today chest day?


Great, because I just finished up my chest, tricep and shoulder workout and felt like letting you in on the pain.


Upper body days are always the ones that I fully enjoy. Probably because I’m built very top heavy and that means I truly love getting in a great chest day session. Enough about me, moving on…


First and foremost, women, this WILL NOT TURN YOU INTO SHE HULK, but workouts like this will definitely show off some awesome arm muscles and make you look great in a tank top.

Ladies, in case you were wondering, you should NEVER be afraid of trying to crush heavy weights in the gym. All it’s gonna do is make you stronger, faster and better looking than those cardio chicks (and probably most guys).

By the way, you will get in better shape faster than the girls and guys that spend hours on the elliptical.


And secondly… guys, do not take all day to do this work out.

Too many times I go into the gym and watch you bust out a set on the bench press then you sit there for five minutes before your next set.

Sorry but that set was not about to kill you, if you did ten reps and waited for the next song to start you waited too long. Get up and move a bit, keep your rest time under 45 seconds and stop looking at your phone.

Not gonna lie, guys, you are taking just as many selfies as the ladies out there…


Now let’s get down to this workout:

Not sure what the exercise is? Click on the links for videos, you’re welcome.

Group One Description:

Do four sets, taking just enough rest to get to the next exercise. Once you complete a set take 30-45 seconds of rest, then go again. Repeat until you complete your four sets.

Group One: Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4
Close Grip Bench Press: 8-10 reps        
Cable Upright Rows: 8-10 reps        
Single Arm Cable Chest Press: 10 reps/ arm        


Group Two Description:

Follow the same rules as group one but with the new exercises. Set up before you get going that way you don’t have to slow down.

Group Two: Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4
Single Arm DB Floor Press: 8 reps/ arm        
Scissor Kicks: 40 seconds        
Lying Cable Tricep Extension: 10-12 reps        


High Intensity Rounds Description:

Do two sets here. The idea is to jump up your heart rate, so take as little rest as possible. Don’t worry it can’t be too bad there are only two rounds!

High Intensity Rounds: Set 1 Set 2
Up Downs: 30-40 seconds    
Jumping Jacks: 60 seconds    


Final Group Description:

This is your last 3 sets of work so don’t get lazy now and slow down. Find your motivation songs, crank them up and crush the home stretch. Same as before, take as little rest as possible between exercises. Then take 30-45 seconds of rest after each set is complete. Get through all three sets and you are home free.

Final Group: Set 1 Set 2 Set 3
Chest Dips: 12-15 reps      
Cable Shoulder Pallof Press: 20 reps/ side      
Feet Elevated Pushups: 12-15 reps      


Try to complete this workout in 45 minutes, don’t choose light weight though, this is meant to be heavy and hard. Enjoy the challenge.

For those who enjoy tracking your weights while you workout I created a wonderful little pdf download for you. Download then get to the gym and get to work.

Click Here to Get Your Workout

There it is. One pain staking chest day to build a better more awesome chest and some great looking arms. Enjoy and if you have some post workout soreness then make sure you stretch, drink plenty of water and eat properly after your workout. Go crush your day at the gym.

If you are wanting more workouts or need help with any thing else fitness or nutrition related check out my new Digital Athlete Programs here. Have a great week and Train With Purpose.

Talk Later,




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