Make Your Workout Plan A Top Priority… Today.

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I’m going to make this a, relatively, quick post this week I was doing some reading and felt like pulling out my soap box for the day.


Then I’m going to throw a workout at you. This workout is for if you need to do something quick between meetings or children naps.


This should be simple but for many it really isn’t. Your workout plan needs to be a top priority. Period.


When you are making your “To Do” list today workout should damn near the top.


I know, I know, you work so much and your job is VERY important. Or you are just so busy keeping the family running and they are your number 1 priority.


I’m not telling you to forget them and go to the gym for the next 3 hours. I’m saying if you ignore your own health long enough you will find that you are unable to keep up with your family and your job.


You will absolutely find the more active you make your lifestyle and turn fitness into a routine that everything else is just easier (except finding time).


Time is a fleeting resource that you must take and make it do what you want. Don’t let time get away from you. Budget your time efficiently, manage that budget, and then follow through with that budget.


If you don’t make your workout plan a priority everything I said before is moot point. You HAVE to go to work, you HAVE to pay bills, you HAVE to care for your family, and you HAVE to exercise.


Obesity is a real problem and is actually becoming a problem that we hear about a lot now and this problem is turning in to white noise. We need to be more uncomfortable with theobesity fact that we are getting fatter and less active every day.


I could talk all day long about the problems within the health industry and how they are making it easier for us to ignore our health and take the easy route to fix the problem.


Being mindful of your fitness and nutrition is a much cheaper option than pills and surgery. Blood pressure meds, insulin and gastric bypass are spendy counter measures.


These are not solutions; they are band-aids to cover up the real problem… Lack of accountability.


Change that mentality and make working out a priority.


If you don’t have a plan to do something active today here is a simple workout for you to try.


If you are bound to the house or office do my workout today

Click Here to Get Your Workout


So, here’s your “to do list” today:

  1. Workout (duh, did you think it wasn’t going to be first??)
  2. Find someone, anyone, to keep you accountable (do daily workout check ins with them)
  3. Then below I’d like you to tell me in the comments section what you did TODAY to make fitness a top priority.


If you aren’t active every day, you just aren’t trying. And like I will always say just ask me, I have enough home workouts that you NEVER have to be without an active day. Or just download my FREE e-book with tons of workouts, nutrition help, exercise videos, and exercise logs.

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Thanks for reading and talk soon,


If you have some free time here are the articles I checked out before deciding to write this “soap box” piece.


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