What Do You Want To GAIN From Your Exercise Program

What’s Your Reason to Exercise?


The first conversation I have with someone interested in training is “what do you want to gain from an exercise program?” And the first thing you need to do before you start ANY PROGRAM is decide what the answer to this question is.


This could be your goals, inspiration, motivation or the need for exercise. For a few people, myself included, exercise is enjoyable enough to be what inspires me to be physically active. But for most, the idea of exercising or spending an hour in the gym is just work.


Motivation is intrinsic; we are all motivated by something.


So, find what works for you, motivation or inspiration can come in any form; wanting to be faster, stronger or more powerful in your specific sport or activity, wanting to lose weight, body fat or inches, or wanting more movement after an injury, or rehabilitation.


Hell you may just want to do a pull up. Here is my guide to great pull ups by the way…


Motivation or inspiration to exercise can be something as small as, it is difficult to walk up a flight of stairs and you no longer want that task to be difficult. Motivation is your own, no one can create your motivation, others can push you and remind you of YOUR motivation but they cannot create it for you.


Motivation is a large reason why many people will fail in a training program. This is because many people take someone else’s goals and make them their own.


I don’t want you to think that if you find something awesome to motivate yourself that all the pieces will just fall into place. Motivation is not a crutch, it’s a tool.


You still have to put your time in.


You still need to make conscious choices to make healthy eating and good quality exercise a normal routine. Those who succeed are those who make this a lifestyle, if you are in a gym to fill some status quo then you’re not in the right mind set. The choices you make to be healthier need to be your own, not someone else’s.


My ultimate message is for you to find YOUR goal, YOUR inspiration or YOUR motivation that keeps you active and exercising. Create habits, make exercise a routine, make food choices a routine. If you do, you will see success very quickly.


If you are only in it for the weekend workout, then don’t expect change.


Like anything worthwhile it takes work and determination. Don’t let anyone tell you that your genetics make it so you can’t have the physique you want. Because it’s not true, science says we can do what we want with our bodies, we just have to work at it.


There is a reason that, as a trainer, I write down all of my client’s goals that they give me when we initially meet; it is so I can be that individual’s constant reminder of what we are working towards.


My task, for anyone reading this, is to find the number one thing that really drives you to exercise then write it down (you may have more than one thing that’s fine).


Take that note you made to yourself and place it somewhere you will see it on a daily basis.


If this is truly your own personal goal you will find it is less difficult to act on making the change you want to see. Just remember to train with purpose, everything you do should have reason behind it.


Good luck finding your inspiration and, as always, if you ever need anything please contact me and I will be happy to help. Also, if you haven’t already signed up to receive more workouts, tools and strategies to burn fat and build muscle go ahead and click the button below to do so. Thank you for your support and enjoy.


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