3 Things You Can Change For Fast Results


Fitness and nutrition doesn’t need to be hassle but if you fight creating better habits then it will be a hassle. Here are few things you can start implementing into your day to start seeing some pretty fast success.


Thing 1: Do Something EVERYDAY



I’m not saying that you need to hit the gym for 2 hours everyday but I am saying that you can get up each morning do some squats, some planks and some incline pushups (EXERCISE VIDEOS HERE) and you will be in a better position than you were in yesterday doing nothing.

You should still have a foundational program that you follow, but I truly believe that most people need to be moving every day. Especially in a world that is now dominated by desk jobs and sedentary lifestyles.

The great thing about fitness is it can be done anywhere. So, if you truly need to watch that episode of The Walking Dead, GREAT!

Set up your show, leave some space in the living room and do 6 rounds of Lunges, Leg Raises and Inchworms (EXERCISE VIDEOS HERE). And look at that you just crushed a pretty good full body workout and didn’t miss out on your show!

Your fitness needs to be of paramount importance, many people don’t understand that small changes lead to big results over time. So, get your ass up and move every day.


Thing 2: Nutrition Is Key, But It’s Not All Or Nothing


Nutrition is a topic that is filled with so much opinion and half assed science that many people just give up on it.


Keep this thing simple and just do your best to stick to it.

When it comes to good nutrition think about it this way >>>> Eat Meats, Veggies, Fruits, Nuts and Seeds, limit your Starchy Carbs (pasta, potatoes, rice, etc.), CUT OUT SUGAR, try not to eat out and drink tons of water.

That’s right I just summed up excellent nutrition in les than 30 words…

This is incredibly tough to do perfectly, SO DON’T be perfect.

Have a snack from time to time. NOT EVERYDAY, but having a small cheat will not throw your whole nutrition out the window. Now, a big cheat each day WILL throw you off, so learn to limit your junk food intake.

I hate to say it because I like junk food just as much as the next person, but at some point, we have to realize that eating out 3 times per week and adding sugar to everything is going to make us fat. So, if you start cutting out the crap now your heart, your body, and your life expectancy will thank me.


Thing 3: Fix Your Time Management


This is where it’s time to put our adult hats on and get serious about being smarter. If you’re an adult without a schedule for your day I don’t even know what to say to you…

But if you ARE a normal adult with access to AT LEAST one calendar then it’s time to start scheduling your workouts into your day.

This one simple task will change your fitness IMMEDIATELY, when you etch out time in your busy day to focus on you and your workout then working out gets infinitely easier. Now, you still have to follow this schedule, or adjust it when things come up, you can’t just set it and forget it. This is an active participation tool.

Now do the same for your nutrition.

Set times in your schedule where you will shop for food, cook and prepare meals. This eliminates impulsive eating and helps you figure out what you need for you weeks’ worth of meals. Again, nutrition doesn’t need to be perfect BUT if you plan to create your meals and put them in containers for work or school, then there’s no excuse to go to a drive through and ruin your day.


I have given you some straight forward simple tools that can make you a much smarter, more effective athlete over time and if you start implementing these you will see results happen FAST.

But the honest truth is, if you don’t attempt to make positive changes to your life, no one can force you to be better, stronger, faster or better looking. This thing is ALL on you. Trainers, and other health professionals, are here to offer up tools for your success, but you’re the key to making big change. And I promise, if you get serious about your health then you can see serious results. So, get to work and start making some awesome changes! Good luck!


Are These The ONLY Reasons You’re Not Seeing Results?


Of course not, but I don’t know what’s going on until I have had time to assess you. Fortunately for you I am looking for 8-10 women who desperately want to transform their health, eat better, exercise better and reach their goals.

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Stay Strong and Talk Soon

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