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– I’ll teach you what to do EVERY day in order to make YOU the lean, mean, fat burning machine you want to be.


A fitness and nutrition program that is specifically created for you is one that will give you the results you want fastest. That is what I’m here for, to weed through the health and wellness junk to find you the gems of information that are scientifically based and not goofy fitness myths. You’re welcome.


– I’ll teach you the form and techniques of working out to keep you lean, healthy and injury free!


What many people don’t know is proper form is crazy important. Not just for safety but for getting more lean muscle, by exercising with proper form you actually build muscle and burn fat more efficiently. Again, you’re welcome.


– I’ll help you demolish those habits that have slowed your progress from time to time. I will help you simplify the healthy lifestyle that you want.


Look everyone dreads fitness and nutrition from time to time (I did for a while). So, what I will do is assist you in making better decisions from meal to meal and day to day, that way we take you to the next level without any confusion.


Private Training

Here you and I will work together to build the, absolute, best plan we can to dominate your goals. And did I mention, you get to hangout with me while you get increasingly more awesome.


Anyway, here are the benefits of training directly with me:

  • You will train up to 4 days per week so that you can build muscle and skulpt your body
  • You will gain access to my Lifestyle Nutrition Plan to help you burn fat FAST
  • We will meet as many days per week as you need
  • You and I will work closely together to decimate your goals
  • This is the best way to reach your goals, as quickly as possible


This program is meant for you if:

  • You want your goals met as fast as possible
  • Looking to get lean FAST, this method is tried and true 
  • If accountability and consistency are getting in the way of your progress
  • New to fitness or just need to blow past a plateau
  • Or those who just want to hang out with me (Let’s be honest, that’s the real reason you’re choosing this program)
  • If you feel this might be the option for you, then fill out the form below and we can start setting up your custom fitness and nutrition program as soon as possible

If this sounds like the style of training for you, then click the button below and fill out an application for a Free Assessment (worth $99). This is where I will take your specific needs into account and see what will work best for you to meet the goals you truly want to see.

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Web Based Training

In this program style you and I will still work closely together, just not physically in the same room (sad day for you). This one’s internet based, woohoo techies!


The benefits of training online are;

  • Your entire program is online and readily available anywhere on your computer, tablet or phone (through a program called Trainerize)
  • You will have everything to stay successful, even though you won’t spend every waking minute with me (again, sad day for you)
  • You and I will do a weekly check in to make sure you are keeping up with your program
  • No need to set appointments with, me, your trainer
  • Your workouts are on your time and schedule (I generally pick the days you workout, but you at least get to choose what time you workout)


This Program is meant for you if:

  • You are crazy busy and need workouts on the run
  • You already have a gym and just need the program now
  • You need minimal accountability
  • You need help with the nutrition end of things
  • And this program is great for anyone either just starting a healthy lifestyle or anyone continuing to progress their healthy lifestyle

Train For Free

Ok, still not sure you’re finding what you are looking for?
Here is my FREE, 6 weeks home training program, “Get Fit Anywhere”
This exercise program has everything you need to start and be successful today.


Program Includes:

  • Extensive Training Manual
  • 6 Weeks worth of exercises
  • Video playlist of exercises
  • 6 Weeks of workout logs
  • Workout Calendar
  • Nutrition guide
  • Every possible thing you need for a successful workout program and to keep yourself accountable


And yes, this whole e-program is free to you. So, enjoy, work hard, and let me know how you do. Email, call, or Facebook me. Thank you!

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