Snack Your Way To Awesome Results

Snacking is easily one the biggest obstacles I find that many people have.


When it comes to sticking to a healthy nutrition plan, snacking can either boost it or kill it.

It’s soooooo easy to pick up the junk food and start snacking away and see all that hard work you put in at the gym just slip into that excuse of “I’ll never look the way I want.”

Conversely, it’s also sooooooo easy to just PLAN out your snacks for the day so that you don’t get overly hungry and jump into a Cheetos bag.

So today let’s talk some crazy easy snacking tips (whether you’re busy, or not) that will help you keep on track with your fitness goals and I absolutely promise you, if you follow these snacking rules YOU WILL SEE RESULTS FAST.

And I’ll walk you through how I have my clients snack throughout the day and it doesn’t have to look like this…



The Simple Way to Snack Healthy

The simplest way to snack throughout the day is to choose things that you really DON’T have to cook or that you don’t have to refrigerate.

The way I teach my clients how to snack is to have 2 snacks per day in addition to their 3 meals plus one post workout snack.


First Snack of the Day

The first snack of the day should have some good fats as well as some simple carbs in for the day, the whole idea with this snack is to get you full and give you plenty of energy before you get to your lunch.

And No… I’m not talking about having candy bars, Starbucks coffee, or whatever you’re currently relying on for a short burst of energy. I’m talking about eating your fruit in the morning so you get some good quality energy for the day.

Your fats in this first snack can be super simple food items like almonds, almond butter, cashews, sunflower seeds pretty much any nuts, seeds or nut butters. Just don’t overdo it here you can easily overshoot your calories for the day by randomly snacking on nuts and seeds, just take a handful.

And let me tell you almond butter is one of the most amazing food items on this earth but if you overdo it, you’ll regret it.

Your carbs in the first snack can be pretty much any fruit and veggie, I generally suggest fruits in the morning so you can benefit from the energy you’ll get from the carbs.

You can actually go for the higher carb fruits here too so choose stuff like pineapple, bananas, apples, berries, grapefruit and other fruits high in fructose.


Second Snack of the Day

The second snack you have for the day should be your energy booster, many people have a rough time through the second half of their day and it’s because they’re relying on sugary drinks or coffee to get them through the day.

Don’t be that person.

To boost your energy here we want to have a snack with HIGH protein and MODERATE carbs.

So generally, what I tell my clients to do here for their protein is have hard boiled eggs, cottage cheese, or if they are truly in a rush, or have a crazy day ahead of them, just to mix up a protein powder drink or grab a protein bar.

Even if they have the protein drink or bar though I still want them to get a fruit or veggie in here so I tend to tell my clients to have another piece of fruit like raspberries, plums, or cherries. I do this because my clients don’t get a whole lot of carbs in their meals so when they have snacks they are allowed more fruit.

BUT if you’re having more carbs with your meals then you need just stick with some moderate carb veggies for this snack, things like baby carrots or sweet potatoes.


Third Snack of the Day

For my clients, this is their post workout protein shake. All the protein shakes that I chose for my clients are HIGH protein (about 25-40 grams), LOW fat (1-5 grams) and LOW carbs (1-5 grams).

This snack is purely for recovery, post workout. They will get enough carbs throughout the day to assist in muscle recovery and reduction of soreness, so I don’t want protein powders with a bunch of extra carbs in them.

The biggest tip I have for you here is that if you’re buying pre-made protein drinks or protein bars MOST of them add TONS of sugars to get them to taste better, so buyer beware.


And that’s it… that’s how you run a great day of snacks.

And if you tell me that’s something you can’t do then I know you’re just not trying. Keeping nuts, seeds, fruit and protein powder with you throughout the day should be INCREDIBLY simple.

If you start following this, you will see a MASSIVE change in your results almost immediately. Not only that you will find that you have and incredible amount of energy throughout the day and don’t even need the extra cup of coffee.

Don’t tell me you can’t, just figure out how to make it work…


Are these the ONLY reasons you’re not seeing results?

Of course not, but I don’t know what’s going on until I have had time to assess you. Fortunately for you I am looking for 8-10 women who desperately want to transform their health, eat better, exercise better and reach their goals.

So if that sounds like you, then apply for a FREE Transformation Session with me and we can go through and do an analysis of your nutrition, daily habits and exercise routines to find what works best for you.

The only way to see change is to step outside your comfort zone so sign up and let’s schedule your session to see what changes I can help you make so you see results as fast as possible.

Talk soon,


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