Sacrifice Something for Success

Find what you need to sacrifice to make positive changes in your health

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What does it truly take to meet your goals?

Because the truth is if you don’t make serious sacrifices then you won’t SEE serious changes.

Sacrifice is a requirement to see amazing benefits to your health and physique.

Don’t worry, I’m not saying you NEED to change EVERYTHING right now, but you need to take a good, hard look at the habits in your life that are making it impossible for you to build muscle, burn fat and get lean.

We all have something holding us back.

For me, it’s not cake, it’s not ice cream, it’s not burgers, it’s not a lack of time, or even meal planning.

For me, it’s energy drinks…

And yes I get it they’re TERRIBLE for me, but I love em.

And I’m not talking like having a Red Bull once, or even twice, a week, when I start getting busy I will have one EVERY DAY.

That’s ONE of the MAJOR obstacles in my way when I’m trying to take my health seriously.

If I’m not advancing through my plan or program the way I want, it’s because of that Red Bull sitting in the fridge and calling my name.

So, when I buckle down I have to cut them out. And let me tell ya it’s no easy feat. But it’s what I have to sacrifice to see the results I WANT to see.

You need to make the decision for yourself whether or not the cost is worth the result, because to get healthy it will require you to pay your dues.

Today it’s time to find out what you owe on those dues, how you will pay and what it takes to make your sacrifice worth the healthy lifestyle you desperately want.



The Cost of Sacrifice

The Social Costs

Sacrifice comes with draw backs, well duh, that’s why it’s called a sacrifice.

But the one most people have trouble with is social situations that put you at risk to lose control of your program.

I hear this more than anything “I do great, until I go hangout with friends on the weekend…”

I promise you, if your friends mean anything to you they will support your efforts to eat (and drink) healthy, get in shape and stay active…

And if they don’t, well then, guess it’s time for a new group of friends that fit your lifestyle…

The truth is there’s nothing wrong with hanging out with good friends and having a couple drinks here and there. But if it doesn’t fit in your current plan, then you shouldn’t be surrounding yourself with social situations that lead to goal ending temptations every week.

Some times the cost of being healthy is spending Friday night at home with the significant other watching Netflix and passing out because you’re exhausted from all the damn lifting you did this week.

Rather than passing out because those micro brews really hit the spot and you had just a FEW too many…

Oh and speaking of Netflix, Daredevil Season 2 just dropped, so I know how my Friday night is looking this week… Just sayin.




The Temptations Cost

Then next cost you need to prepare yourself for is temptation.

I mentioned in passing above, but it’s important enough to harp on a bit.

This is your friends hounding you to hit up the bar for some March Madness and 3 dollar drinks.

This is the late night video games or Netflix binge (I know I just told you about Daredevil, but go to bed, sleep is more important).

This is the damn Oreos still sitting in the cupboard, well your cupboard, not mine. I eat my Oreos by the sleeve if they even make it to the house.

I can’t believe you just let those cookies sit there, you masochist…

So, what do we do because we have so many temptations floating around??

Axe em.

Or at the very least prep yourself for what’s coming.

If you know there are some games you want to go watch with your friends this weekend then know how you’re going to handle your drinks or pub food while you’re there.

Look, it’s not a sacrifice if you continue to let circumstances run your life.

If you don’t make the change then you won’t change.



The Time Costs

This is the sacrifice I know many people use as an excuse but let me just say, it’s bullshit.

Everyone has time to get some exercise in.

Everyone has time to, AT THE VERY LEAST, plan meals for the next day.

So, guess what when you tell me “I just don’t have time,” I’m definitely calling you out on it when almost every client I have runs a crazy schedule.

If you can’t eek out 30 minutes to get your heart rate up, then you’re not sacrificing enough to make it happen.

Plain and simple.

If you need a workout plan that only requires you to invest 30 minutes of your day then check out my home training course. I developed all the workouts to be done in 30 minutes or less.Sacrifice time and get your workout done.

Mic dropped.



The Benefit of Sacrifice

You know what you get by making sacrifices?


I know that sounds ominous, simplistic and condescending.

It’s not though.

I promise, if you just take your time cutting out the SOME of the bad and making room for the good then one day you will wake up and realize how great you feel and LOOK.

Don’t get me wrong it takes time, but we all know that anything worthwhile comes at a price.

IF a great physique and awesome cholesterol levels were free none of us would be worrying about reading a post about sacrifice, now would we?



The Mentality of Sacrifice

Do you have what it takes?

Ok, so I’ve been pretty doom and gloom so far so let’s talk about what it takes.

More specifically, do you have what it takes to get healthy?

Of course you do.

Will it be easy, no, but we can make it bearable.

You, and I, just need to be realistic about this sacrifice junk.

If dropped all my bad habits tomorrow morning, this is what I’d look like by lunch…



So, we’ll make small changes over time so the sacrifice isn’t so bad.

Look here’s a good starting point for dropping bad habit is the 25/25/25 rule I use with some of my clients.

For example, if they like to eat out 4 days per week, I’ll have them cut out 1 day (25%) for 2-3 weeks.

Once they get used to that and they are eating out 3 days per week, then we cut out another out to eat day (an additional 25%) for 2-3 weeks.

Once they are used to that then we do it again, our last 25% cut.

Guess what, after 6-9 weeks we have dumped a pretty bad habit.

Granted it takes 6-9 weeks but now we have built new habits in the process and they don’t revolve around eating out.

And honestly, you can follow this protocol for most habits that slow your goals to a halt.

Just pick the ONE habit you have that you feel is your limiting factor and start chipping away at that thing until it’s nothing more than small reward you get to have from time to time.

Start knocking down habits slowly, precisely and consistently you WILL reach your goals and KEEP your results.



The Wrap Up

If you aren’t making sacrifices for your health then you’re not doing it right.

The best workout program with the best meal plan in the world won’t do you a damn bit of good if you’re not willing to dig deep and find the problems that need to be resolved for you to get fit.

Now take your fitness, nutrition and health into YOUR OWN hands and make a sacrifice to see some amazing results.

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Talk soon,




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