Here’s a short list of some of my awesome clients that have seen some incredible success over short periods of time. If you’re ready to finally start seeing some results then you should fill out my application to work with me.


Testimonial Picture of Meredith (1)
Testimonial Picture of Meredith (2)
Meredith has dropped over 42 pounds since starting her transformation with us! She learned how to stay consistent with her workouts, eat clean and is making sure she continues with her healthy lifestyle each day.
Testimonial Picture of Rekha (1)
Testimonial Picture of Rekha (2)
I looked at pictures from my wedding and was just so unhappy with how big I had gotten, so this year I decided to make a change. I signed up with my trainer Trevor Dougan in January to help me get my act together and I'm so happy I did so. I didn't just do this to look better, I did this to feel better and to help teach my kids a healthy lifestyle.
Testimonial Picture of Andrea (1)
Testimonial Picture of Andrea (2)
Andrea is still working with us on her Transformation, but so far she has lost 30 pounds in about 5 months. Not only that she lost 10 pounds through the month of December, one of the hardest times of the year to keep your weight down!
Testimonial Picture of Molly (1)
Testimonial Picture of Molly (2)
Molly came in to training not knowing where to start and only ever doing CrossFit workouts. She started at a body fat percent of 32% and got it all the way down to 25%, and she continues to crush her workouts that's why her picture is of her doing her first EVER strict pullup!
Testimonial Picture of Andy (1)
Testimonial Picture of Andy (2)

Andy has spent the time and effort working hard on nutrition and he continues to see the success of making small changes everyday, Great job man!


“Thanks for all the help with getting my weight controlled. Thank you for all your help to get me where I am now.”

Testimonial Picture of Jen (2)
"Super pleased with my choice! Trevor is amazing to work with. My schedule is pretty crazy but he was able to work around it. He adjusted my work out as needed, was diligent about checking in, and totally called me out when I was slacking without being harsh. 14 pounds lost and still going. Thanks Trevor!"
Testimonial Picture of Jake (2)
"Trevor is so encouraging and really knows his stuff! It makes the plans easier to execute and follow and I fully trust his knowledge."
Maleah crushed her goals while working a crazy stressful job. She lost over 30 pounds in UNDER 6 WEEKS and dropped 10 inches off her waist.
Testimonial Picture of Abbey (1)
Testimonial Picture of Abbey (2)

“Trevor has really shown me another side of health and fitness that I actually enjoy. Trevor is a great trainer/fitness coach and I will definitely be sticking around longer than the 12 week program.”


Abbey is absolutely crushing it, these results are in UNDER 6 weeks of work. Abbey has dropped tons of body fat and built great muscle in no time! She’s still putting in the work so there’s more great stats to come!

Testimonial Picture of Sherrie (1)
Testimonial Picture of Sherrie (2)
"Trevor has been awesome. When I need a modification he quickly updates my plan. When I was on standby for work and thought I wasn't gong to get to the gym he created some home workouts for me just in case. Thank you, Thank You Trevor!"


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