A Quick Workout for Busy Holidays

If your holidays are turning out as busy as mine, then you definitely need a workout you can do from home and get done in under an hour. 


Requirements for Workout: 

-Enough Space to fit YOU

-40-45 minutes of uninterrupted YOU time (if you care enough, then make it happen)

-This article (seriously this workout can be done anywhere if you are motivated enough to get crap done before holiday fun times)


Trust me, I have been living off of home based workouts for about 3 and a half weeks now. We finally finished up our move from Oregon to Arizona. Which means I no longer have a full gym, a gym membership, and I am already back in Oregon for some awesome Christmas time with the family!


So over the last few weeks I have gotten down some great workouts to fit small spaces but pack big punches. Your workout today is going to be full body and I want you to take small rests to keep your heart rate elevated.


And if you’re unsure of how to do any of the exercises listed here I have them all set up in a YouTube playlist right HERE


Warm-up (3-5 minutes): Do each exercise for 2 rounds and for reps or time that has been set.

-Jumping Jacks (40 seconds)

-Arm Circles (20 seconds forward; 20 seconds reverse)

-Squat Jumps (12 reps)

-Hamstring Stretch (30 seconds per leg)

-Quadstretch (30 seconds per leg)

-Calf Stretch (30 seconds per leg)


Main Workout (30-35 minutes):

   Group 1: 3 rounds 

-Incline Pushups (use a counter top or a window sill) (10-12 reps)

-Jumping Jacks (30 seconds)

-Rest (30 seconds then repeat 2 more times)

    Group 2: 3 Rounds

-Prisoner Squats (10-12 reps)

-Pushup Position Planks (40 seconds)

-Rest (30 seconds then repeat 2 more times)

    Group 3: 3 rounds

-Supermans (10-12 reps)

-Mountain Climbers (40 seconds)

-Rest (30 seconds then repeat 2 more times)

    Group 4: 3 Rounds

-Single Leg Bodyweight Deadlifts (10 reps per leg)

-Planks with Arm Raises (10 reps per arm)

-Rest (30 seconds then repeat 2 more times)

    Group 5: 3 Rounds

-Tricep Dips (10-12 reps)

-Wall Sits (20-30 seconds)

-Rest (30 seconds then repeat 2 more times)


Core work (5-8 minutes): 4 rounds and do each exercise taking as little rest as possible and repeat for all 4 rounds.

-Rocking plank (30 seconds)

-Bicycles (30 seconds)

-Inchworms (30 seconds)

-Side Planks(15 seconds per side)

-Rest (30 seconds then repeat circuit 3 more times)




That’s it… well I mean it’s still a crap ton of work to do, but let’s just say it will help you feel less guilty about all the Holiday junk food you’re about to eat (or have been eating).


Hope you enjoyed the workout and honestly this is a full body workout so if you’re strapped for time between now and January 1st then use this as many times as you need before you can get back into the gym!


Go watch some awesome Christmas movies and enjoy what’s left of the holiday season!


Have a Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays!


Talk soon,



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