Is Meal Prep Right For You?

Meal Prep, I love it. But I can’t stand it.

I wish I could eat reheated eggs, chicken and broccoli. But I just can’t.

Don’t get me wrong I love those foods, but not reheated.

And I absolutely love being able to make all my meals for the week, put them in containers and just cherry pick them from the fridge when I’m hungry.

So, I have to “semi-meal prep” to survive a nutrition plan.

My semi-meal prepping is why I HAD to write this post. Because whenever someone asks me about meal prep I have to tell them that it’s just not right for everyone, and I’m one of those people.

So this week is a look at meal prepping/planning for those who can’t do the reheated, squishiness…

First let’s see who meal prep works for and who it doesn’t.


Who Meal Prep Is Beneficial For:

Meal prep is great for people who don’t mind eating all their meals reheated

Meal prep is AMAZING for people with a busy, but consistent, schedule

Meal prep is perfect for those who will not waste food they have prepared. Yup, there are people out there that will just throw perfectly good food away, I’m not one of them I’ll eat those nasty, reheated eggs if they’re in the fridge.

Meal prep works great for people who are highly motivated and have less of a challenge when making serious changes to a nutrition plan


Who Meal Prep Is Bad For:

Meal prep SUCKS for people who constantly crave certain types of trigger foods (sugary, savory, caffeinated, etc.)

Meal prep is rough on people with a spaz schedule, or people whose schedules constantly change based on appointments or an ever-changing work schedule.

Meal prep RARELY works when a client is making a full overhaul, because their habits are too far gone. We as coaches have to teach good habits before we can cut someone “cold turkey.” Is it possible to have someone go from disordered eating to a perfectly functioning, nutrition plan and weekly meal prep? Of course, it ALL depends on YOU.

Meal prep is terrible for people who hate re-heated food.


Do you have to meal prep to crush goals?



Will it be harder?



Well should I even try to fix my eating habits?

Of course, you should. Duh.


Look even if you don’t prep your meals every Sunday like your normal gym bro’s you can still hit your goals. It’s just going to mean you’ll be cooking your meals each day and putting together snacks the night before you eat them, rather than spending 1-2 hours one day to get it all done.


Below are my FIVE top tips to crushing your nutrition (and ultimately your physique) goals without eating rubbery, reheated scrambled eggs.


5 Ways To Overcome Not Being A Meal Prepper And Still Crush Goals


First and foremost, you absolutely have to have your meals AND snacks PRE-PLANNED for the WEEK. Don’t guess at what you’re going to be eating for the day, otherwise, YOU WILL FAIL.

So, print off a calendar, sit down, and write out what you want for breakfast, lunch, dinner and your snacks for the ENTIRE WEEK.


Purchase Everything for the week

For your meals, and snacks, that week make sure everything has been purchased and get it ready for cooking so when it comes down to it all you have to do is put the meal together.

That way you still get an awesome fresh meal but you’re not spending the day wondering if you have all the spices, oils or meat you need to make your meal.


Prep What You Can (or what you’re willing to prep)

Find the meals and snacks on your list for the week and prep what you don’t mind reheating, or the foods that won’t taste funny after being put in the fridge for a few days.

If your snacks are fruits, nuts, yogurt, cottage cheese, or anything that just needs measuring and containment then do just that. Get all your snacks prepped so you can just grab them and eat them without having to portion anything out on the fly.

Now, you can Semi-prep your foods, keep to your meal plan AND have great tasting food without having to eat squishy, reheated veggies.


Keep Your Meals Simple

This is the same rule I use for people that do meal prep. The best way to crush your goals fast are eating really simple, whole food meals.

Get your fruits, veggies, meats, grains, a few spices and some oil. Cut out as much of the sauces as possible because most are just filled with sugars and fat anyway.

If you’re not sure what you should be eating here’s a shopping list that I like to use.


Simple Shopping List

Stick To It

Honestly, this is pretty much my final tip for ANYTHING concerning fitness and nutrition. Don’t stop, just stick with it damnit and you’ll see results.



Will you see results immediately?

No. But you will see results faster than if you just kept eating junk food or kept following disordered eating habits (missing meals can be as unhealthy as over-eating meals).


Now you know how to go about eating healthier without having to find the nearest microwave every 2-4 hours.



I personally cannot stand reheating vegetables or eggs, so I prep all my snacks and just pre plan all my meals so I know what I need to cook, how long it will take and what I need to create the meal.


Planning will be the only way you succeed, so get your calendar together and START RIGHT NOW.


Now, if you’re looking for more fitness and nutrition help or you just want to talk with me about how I can help you get back on track I’m still accepting people into my 12 Week Transformation Program.


If you’re interested in boosting your results then click below and fill out an application to work directly with me. If you’re not interested in making a serious change don’t click, I only want to work with people who are ready to crush goals and see results.




Hope to talk soon,


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