Here’s A Leg Day For You



Can you skip leg day???


Why would you even ask me that??


I am appalled we are having this discussion right now…


No joke, I have been asked this question more than once (and more times than I’d care to count).


IF, and that is a VERY BIG IF, you choose to skip a day on your workout plan it better not be a leg day.


You work too many large muscle groups to miss your leg day. Plus this is the one day per week everyone gets to show how strong they are.


So, no you may not skip it.


Let’s just stop here, don’t skip a day on your workout plan. If you can’t make it that day just assume you will make it up later that week.


There, covered that.


Because this has been such a recurring question I wanted to squash it, now that we squashed it let me show you one of my favorite leg day workouts.


(Just in case you don’t have an awesome one already)


And this workout is great because if you are doing two leg days per week, this workout can be done once per week and still give you awesome results.


Here’s why you can do it once per week and still get crazy strong.


The Push-Pull Workout Style


This style of workout is a Push-Pull Style workout. We will work on ONE main push movement (Front Squats) and ONE major pull movement (Deadlifts), with some accessory exercises in between those.


The reason I LOVE Push-Pull Style workouts is because you can hit ALL major muscle groups without reaching a fatigue point, which means every time you get to an exercise you have PLENTY of energy to dominate a great lift.


And instead of having two leg days you can get away with just ONE.


That’s right one, leg day, dare I say it.


Those of you doing two a week are cheering for me, those of you only doing one per week are damning me… you win some, you lose some.


Now on your major lifts you are going to see “Stationary Bike” exercise on the workout plan. All this guy is here for is to keep you moving while you rest.


I really want you to do this in between your big lifts because some studies have shown that increasing blood flow to working muscles actually assists in recovery, force generation and less soreness.


Wins all around.


So when you see this on your workout plan just hop on a bike and peddle, at a moderate pace, for about a minute then get back to your lift.


Pre Workout Notes:

-Warmup… I mean I think you understand why… Here’s a link to a great warm up for this workout.




-Like any type of exercise, if you are unsure choose lighter weights then slowly increase to an appropriate level for you.


-Don’t just hop in and go nuts. That obviously leads to injury.


-If you’re interested in taking this workout with you to the gym today just click the button below, download the workout pdf, print it out and you can track your progress.


Click Here to Get Your Workout


-Also, I have posted the links to all the exercises. So, if you aren’t sure what the exercise is please click the link, watch the video for form and give it a go.




Group 1 Description:

In this first group you will complete 5 rounds of Barbell Deadlifts for 6-8 reps. These are going to crush your hamstring and glute muscles; creating strength like none other.



If you’re current plan doesn’t have some form of deadlifts in it I recommend you throw it out and find a better plan.


Deadlifts will be paired with some light stationary bike in between for 1 minute between sets.


Rest: Take 90 seconds between sets (60 seconds bike, 30 seconds actual rest)


Group One: Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
Deadlifts: 6-8 reps          
Stationary Bike: 1 minute          



Group 2 Description:

Now that you just did a large lift we are going to work on some accessory exercises before we get to the SECOND big lift for the day.


We are going to do 3 rounds of Reverse Lunges (if you’re feeling strong do these with dumbbells) and TRX Leg Curls (if you don’t have access to a TRX Suspension Trainer then do Swissball Leg Curls instead).


With both of these exercises we are going to work on strength and balance for your quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes and all the stabilizing muscles for your lower body. Enjoy.


Rest: Take 45 seconds between sets

Group Two: Set 1 Set 2 Set 3
Reverse Lunges: 10 reps per leg            
TRX (or Swissball) Leg Curls: 12 reps            



Group 3 Description:

Next up is Front Squats for another 5 rounds and 6-8 reps for each set.


I love Front Squats because this style of squat is “self-correcting.” What this means is it’s tough to do these with incorrect form.


Again, pair your Front Squats with 1 minute of light stationary bike in between sets.


Rest: Take 90 seconds between sets (60 seconds bike, 30 seconds actual rest)

Group Three: Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
Front Squats: 6-8 reps          
Stationary Bike: 1 minute          



Group 4 Description:

Ok we are all done with your major muscle group exercises, but we still need a little more strength and stability work to get through.


For our final group we are going to do 3 rounds of Leg Press (to strengthen your quads and hips) and Glute Ham Lowers (eccentric training for our, well obviously, glutes and hamstrings).


Now if you can’t sit tomorrow, it’s probably because of the Glute Ham Lowers. Yeah, they suck, but they do their job well.


Rest: Take 45 seconds between sets

Group Four: Set 1 Set 2 Set 3
Leg Press: 10-12 reps            
Glute Ham Lowers: 6-10 reps            



Additional Plyo Finisher:

Now if you feel you still have some gas left in the tank go ahead and do this lower body plyometric finisher.


Do 3 rounds of Squat Jumps for 12 reps and Jumping Jacks for 30 reps


Rest: Take as little rest as possible

Additional Plyo Rounds Set 1 Set 2 Set 3
Squat Jumps: 12 reps            
Jumping Jacks: 30 reps            



Alright guys, there is your leg day. Once you’re done I suggest you eat and sleep plenty because your body is going to desperately want to recover after this workout.


One final thing, if you enjoyed the workout and know anyone who might enjoy it too please share it with them. Thanks!


Talk soon,





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