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Hey Guys, I know it’s been awhile but I wanted to get a post out that I think could help you be more productive when you walk into the gym at the start of the New Year.

Although, I do believe that if you are waiting to go to the gym AFTER the New Year you should get that notion outta your head and just go to the gym now. If you have time then go.

Now since the New Year is pretty close I feel I need to address some gym etiquette. If it’s been awhile since you have been to the gym and if you want to dodge being labeled the gym newbie then try to avoid these simple mistakes.

Follow these tips and you will go from gym beginner to pro very quickly.

If you don’t care then continue doing curls in the squat rack while I start throwing dumbbells at you.


Don’t curl in a squat/ power rack

If you didn’t gather by the intro DON’T do curls in a squat rack or power rack. Look most gyms only have 1 or 2 racks available and if you are wasting space by doing an exercise that works a relatively small group of muscles then you will find you are not looked at favorably at your gym.

There are two exceptions to this rule.

First, if you can curl 225 pounds, I have yet to see this but would definitely love to watch someone crush that.

Second, you have your own home gym and power rack (like I do) then you can curl in it, because it’s mine and I do what I want. That’s me, just doin’ what I want…

Other than these exceptions use the power rack for lifting heavy weights (Squats or Deadlifts).


Move Away From The Dumbbell Rack

Step back bro…

Don’t do your rows at the weight rack, or any other exercise for that matter. If you can’t move that weight away from the dumbbell rack, then back when you’re done, then it’s too much for you.

Plus you are the most annoying person in the world when 5 other people want all the other weights around you. So don’t stand at the dumbbell rack to do your workouts, just don’t.

Take a few steps back, do your exercise, then put your dumbbells back.

Exceptions to this… there are none.

I have been in gyms for years working, working out and training clients and have yet to find a reason that I need to sit at the dumbbell rack for an exercise.


Share Equipment

This should be pretty straight forward. I mean you have a gym membership to a community of people looking to do the same thing as you, lift weight.

So taking this back to 3rd grade… share.

Once you finish your set (and if you are going to be taking a rest) then allow others to step in and get their work done. I’m not saying you need to re-rack your squat rack each time but hey if you have a 1-2 minute wait in between sets and someone needs to squat too then let them, or me.

Or we will be forced to throw more dumbbells at you.

Don’t be taking selfies, Facebooking, Tweeting or any other social BS while you sit on your bench press station, because that’s pretty awful of you. And you are taking up space on MY bench press… k, thanks.


Rerack Your Equipment

Obvious, if you pull the weight out on to the floor, then go put it back. Again it’s that 3rd grade mentality if you make the mess you clean the mess up.

No one wants to clean up after you. And before you say anything, no, the staff is not paid to follow you around the gym and pick up after you so get off the high horse and put away your equipment.


Wipe Your Equipment Down

You’re sweaty clean it up. And if you sweat like I do, which is a lot, then just keep a towel with you.

Again, the staff is not there to follow you around with a mop bucket and clean up your filth. Don’t be the filth monster. Just don’t.


Don’t Fill Your Gallon Jug at The Water Fountain

Most gyms have one, maybe two, water fountains. Enough said.


Stop Answering Phone Calls in The Gym

If you are a person who saves lives please, please answer your phone, and quickly, at that. Other than that, for the love of everything, please don’t be talking on your phone at the gym.

If this is you, you are probably in the way, definitely not paying attention, and definitely not getting a good workout if you have the time to talk to your “bae”…

Just stay off your phone and I bet you will be in and out of the gym MUCH faster. And you won’t annoy everyone in the area surrounding you.


Don’t Interrupt A Set

This is the true test to find a gym newbie is the guy talking to someone trying to lift.

If someone is in the middle of a set or an exercise then don’t talk to them. It’s not the time, they are getting work done. And I bet when you are in the middle of an exercise you don’t want stop to talk (at least you shouldn’t want to).Wait till they finish what they are doing to talk to them.

IF you talk to them, again, remember the gym is not meant to be social time, it’s meant to be work time.


Limit Your Selfies

I have gotten to watch this phenomena increase with the rise of the smart phone.

And it is crazy.

There is nothing wrong with a selfie when pumping out an awesome personal record or after a workout. But constantly taking pics of yourself and sending them to your social media of choice means you’re taking WAY too long to rest.

Also, you again, are probably in the way, not paying attention and being overall obnoxious to YOUR gym community.


Not Sure What You Are Doing? Ask.

Finally, if you don’t know what you’re doing ask on staff trainers.

It’s ok, I promise. When I used to train at a big box gym it would make me cringe watching some people just “go at it”.

So, definitely ask.

Unless you are working out late night at the 24 hour gyms you should be able to find some training staff that is more than willing to help you out with just about any piece of equipment.

This is a safety issue. If you have ever watched those videos of people dropping heavy weight on themselves then just understand that MOST gyms have staff that are very happy, and willing, to help you NOT smash your face in.


So, these are the “gym don’ts” that I feel are important to take into consideration before jumping in to your New Years resolution. And even though you may do one, some or all of these please don’t be discouraged to get to the gym and make it your new routine to get healthy.


Just make sure you think about the people around you because come January everyone loves fitness, and if you clean up your gym etiquette sooner rather than later then you may just find out you love your gym and might keep pumping out reps and sets well past February 1st.


Anyway, Happy New Year. Good luck and start today don’t wait for the New Year to start! If you need some workouts for the next few days before we roll over to January then choose one below. And if you need a program for January then check out my 6 Week Home Training Course!


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