GFA 30 Day Challenge: Day 9

Day 9Welcome back guys,


Hopefully your Fitness Test 2 went really well and, if not, there’s always next week to crush it.


So, don’t be down.


Especially because today’s kinda a fun day. We get to do the Balance Challenge!


I love this challenge and honestly wish I could put everyone of you on video so that I could see how it goes today.


And not because I want to be mean, only because I’ve done these exercises and half the time end up falling on my butt or tripping over myself.


Note: with that said, be careful today. I don’t want any injuries…


Alright let’s get down to it. That’s right, hit the warm-up.


One Round: No rest between exercises
Jumping Jacks- 15
Prisoner Squats- 10
Incline Push-ups- 10
Squat Jumps- 10
Arm Circles- 20 seconds
Wall Sit- 20 seconds




Balance Workout Challenge:

We will start with some easy ones then build it up as we go! We are going to do 2 groups of exercises with each being 4 rounds.


Group 1: 4 Rounds, rest 15 seconds between exercises, rest 30 seconds between rounds.

CrissCross Hops: 30-40 seconds

-REST: 15 seconds

Russian Twists: 30-40 seconds

-REST: 15 seconds

Single Leg Deadlifts: 6-8 reps PER leg

-REST: 15 seconds

Punches: 30-40 seconds

-REST: 30 seconds (repeat this group 3 more times; then move to the next group)


Group 2: 4 Rounds, rest 15 seconds between exercises, rest 30 seconds between rounds.

Single Leg Squat to Bench/Chair: 6-8 reps PER leg

-REST: 15 seconds

Bird Dogs: 8 reps PER side

-REST: 15 seconds

Side Planks: 15-20 seconds PER side

-REST: 15 seconds

Push-ups w/ Arm Raises (if you can’t do the push-ups just get into a push-up position and do the arm raises): 6-8 reps PER arm

-REST: 30 seconds (repeat this group 3 more times; then you’re done!)




And there is challenge 9 done and done. Yes, I know the names of half of those exercises were ridiculous, but they are without a doubt GREAT exercises.


Balance (or unilateral) style workouts burn a ton of FAT and a ton of CALORIES which make them an awesome addition to workout programs.


Hope you crushed it today and I will see you tomorrow for Day 10 which happens to be another ACTIVE REST and CORE day.


See you soon,




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