GFA 30 Day Challenge: Day 6

Day 6Day 6 is here and your one week mark is right around the corner!


Guess what you’re 20% of the way through this thing!


Hopefully your workouts have been going well and don’t forget that if you need help with anything please send me an email ( and I’ll get back to you as soon as I possibly can!


Anyway, let’s get into today’s workout.


Today we’re going to focus on some POWER related exercises. Exercises that focus on generating power are very similar to those that are considered conditioning exercises, and they definitely help burn a ton of fat.


So, let’s get to it.


Time for our warm-up, and no it hasn’t changed…


One Round: No rest between exercises
Jumping Jacks- 15
Prisoner Squats- 10
Incline Push-ups- 10
Squat Jumps- 10
Arm Circles- 20 seconds
Wall Sit- 20 seconds




Power Challenge:

This Challenge is going to be 4 groups, we will be working on “super sets” (this is just a term that tells us we will be working two DIFFERENT types of muscle groups back to back).


Group 1: Four rounds, 15 seconds rest between exercises, 40 second rest at the end of each round.

-Squat Jumps: 8-10 reps

-REST: 15 seconds

-Inchworms: 6-8 reps

-REST: 40 seconds (then repeat 3 more times)


Group 2: 3 rounds, 10 seconds rest between exercises, 30 second rest at the end of each round.

-Reverse Lunges: 8 reps per leg

-REST: 10 seconds

-Punches: 30-40 seconds

-REST: 30 seconds (then repeat 2 more times)


Group 3: 2 Rounds, no rest between exercises, 30 seconds rest at the end of each round.

-Single Leg Body Weight Deadlifts: 8 reps per leg

-Push-ups: 6-8 reps

-REST: 30 seconds


Group 4: 1 Round, do as many reps as you can

-Burpees: Go to failure (try and get AT LEAST 10-12 reps)






Today was definitely tough but I’m sure you crushed it, or it crushed you, either way I’m sure it went great.


You’re doing an awesome job getting on here each day and completing the workouts, just keep up the hard work and I promise it’ll pay off.


Tomorrow is your ONE WEEK mark already. So I will see you tomorrow for your Day 7 Challenge.


Great job and if you have time go share how it went for you on my Facebook page.


Talk soon!






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