GFA 30 Day Challenge: Day 3

Day 3Alright we’ve made it to Challenge 3!


I know, you might be a little sore from yesterday’s workout, so today is going to be a REST day, kinda…


Today we are going to do some core workouts and a little bit of “active” rest. This is how your rest days should look like from now on. You should be doing SOMETHING every day. It doesn’t have to be a lot (and it actually shouldn’t be) but it should be something active.


Rest days no longer mean we take the entire day off and sit around. Rest days now mean that we are taking the day off from INTENSE exercise and spending some time recuperating correctly.


And yup, we still have to warm up… every, single day.


One Round: No rest between exercises
Jumping Jacks- 15
Prisoner Squats- 10
Incline Push-ups- 10
Squat Jumps- 10
Arm Circles- 20 seconds
Wall Sit- 20 seconds




Core Work and Active Rest Challenge:


Active Rest:

For your active rest this week I want you to choose a cardio activity and do it for 20-30 minutes. This can be walking, jogging, elliptical, treadmill, stationary bike, ACTUAL bike, stair climber…anything really, I don’t care, so long as it gets your heart rate up.


Once you’re done don’t forget to do your core work.


Core Work:

For 4 rounds do each exercise for the specified reps (or time), rest for 15 seconds between each exercise and rest for 45 seconds at the end of each round.


Leg Raises: 10-15 reps

-Rest: 15 seconds

Planks: 45 seconds

-Rest: 15 seconds

Russian Twists: 10-15/ side

-Rest: 15 seconds

Superman: 10-15

-Rest: 45 seconds (then repeat the workout 3 more times)




And that’s it, your done for the day! Great job, enjoy the rest of the day, make sure you get plenty of sleep because we are back at it again tomorrow.


Stay strong and keep pushing forward.


As always, if there is ANYTHING you’re unsure of or need help with email me ( and I’ll get back to ya as fast as I possibly can!


Post how your rest day went on Facebook if you get a chance!


Talk soon,




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