GFA 30 Day Challenge: Day 2

Day 2Welcome to Day 2,


I hope day one went well and I hope you keep those stats so we can see how they change over 30 days!


Today your challenge is to complete a FULL BODY Workout in under 30 minutes. So get your timer and let’s get moving.


This is your FIRST TRUE workout, now let’s get right to work! I know you might be feeling a bit sore after yesterday so take today a little slower (but that’s not a pass to skip the workout).


As always, if there is ANYTHING you’re unsure of or need help with email me ( and I’ll get back to ya as fast as I possibly can!


Don’t forget your warm-up (did I mention you NEED to do this EVERYDAY?)


One Round: No rest between exercises
Jumping Jacks- 15
Prisoner Squats- 10
Incline Push-ups- 10
Squat Jumps- 10
Arm Circles- 20 seconds
Wall Sit- 20 seconds




Now that you’re all warm let’s get to the REAL work.


Full Body Workout: 

This challenge is Four Rounds with 10 seconds rest between exercises and take 45 seconds rest after each round. If you need extra rest times take it but only take what you NEED, then get back to work. Don’t forget to start your timer!


Prisoner Squats: 12 reps

-REST: 10 seconds

Incline Push-ups: 15 reps

-REST: 10 seconds

Jumping Jacks: 20 reps

-REST: 10 seconds

Push-up Planks: 20-30 seconds

-REST: 10 seconds

Lunges: 8-10 reps/ leg

-REST: 10 seconds

Superman: 10 reps

-REST: 45 seconds (repeat 3 more times)




Once you have completed ALL four rounds STOP your time then go over to Facebook and let me know how ya did!


Great job, keep focused, rest and I’ll see ya tomorrow for your third challenge.


Talk soon,




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