GFA 30 Day Challenge: Day 14

Day 14Challenge 14 is here and not SOON enough!


Man, oh man. You have CRUSHED two weeks worth of workouts, hopefully without taking a day off.


And if you did that’s ok, I know things come up and life happens, BUT making sure you jump back up and get right back to work as soon as possible is the important part.


So great job keeping this thing rolling. And guess what??


It’s Rest and Stretch Day, WOOHOO!


So, let’s get this done quick and get on with our day (especially because tomorrow is Fitness Test 3…).


Hit your warm-up!


One Round: No rest between exercises
Jumping Jacks- 15
Prisoner Squats- 10
Incline Push-ups- 10
Squat Jumps- 10
Arm Circles- 20 seconds
Wall Sit- 20 seconds


If you weren’t here yesterday I stopped giving you the warm-up videos (because if you’ve been doing them EVERYDAY for the last two weeks, you should know them), but I will post a link below if you really need it!




Stretching and Active Rest:

Today we’re gonna take it really easy. Today’s Challenge is just to do 20 minutes of light cardio (walking, cycling, jogging, elliptical) and get through the stretching playlist. Simple and quick.


20 minutes of Cardio first.


Stretching List:

For these stretches we are going to do 2 rounds at 15-20 seconds per stretch. Honestly, if you feel like doing MORE then 2 rounds you’re more than welcome to do some additional stretching.

-Psoas Stretch: 15- 20 seconds per side

-Hip Flexor Stretch: 15-20 seconds per side

-Pigeon Stretch: 15-20 seconds per side

-Hamstrings Stretch: 15-20 seconds per leg

-Quads Stretch: 15-20 seconds per leg

-Calf Stretch: 15-20 seconds per leg

-Chest Stretch: 15-20 seconds per arm

-Lat Stretch: 15-20 seconds per arm

-Short 15-20 seconds rest then do one more round of stretching




And that’s it for today, nice and easy.


30I just want to say great job for sticking with the challenges and now that we’re at the halfway mark this is when it gets tough to IGNORE the excuses to NOT workout. So, do whatever you can to just keep putting in the necessary time for these challenges


If you are having trouble staying accountable then email me ( and let me know what’s holding you back.


If you’re still doing great, then keep it up and go share some of your success with me either on email or on Facebook!


Keep crushing it, talk soon,




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