Get Dedicated

get dedicated


Get dedicated, damnit.


If you’re reading this then you have to be wondering, how? Or Why?


But first, a little about what keeps me dedicated…


My Dedication: Food and Movies

You know, I’m famous for all the things I do that AREN’T healthy.


I binge watch Netflix shows (just started Jessica Jones; definitely has potential), I love pizza and burgers, I like going to the movies, and I like beer… a lot.


But I also love to lift and work hard.


I wear a hat when I workout because I sweat so much. And if that hat isn’t drenched in sweat I feel like I didn’t work hard enough that day (even though I’m sure I did).


Look what I’m saying is that YOU have to find what matters to YOU.


You and you alone create your dedication.


I like being big and lifting heavy things. Then, when I’m done putting in the work, I LOVE eating, watching Netflix and chilling with my family.


The love I have for eating, sleeping, watching TV and hanging out with my family is what drives me to work my ass off in the gym.


For some people that just isn’t enough. And I get it, you’re not me. But you gotta figure it out…



THE QUESTION: Finding Dedication

So, you know what gets me to the gym each and EVERY day, but what is it that gets YOU going?


Honestly, this is the easy part.


Ask yourself one question, and don’t give a bullshit answer because the only person you hurt by doing that is yourself.


Ask yourself why?


And apply it to your situation. Why do I go to the gym? Why do I go for a run? Why do I want to look like Ben Affleck (by the way was JACKED in Batman v Superman) or Kate Upton? Why do I do a million sit ups everyday?


If the answer you give to your question sucks then just understand that you failed because you chose the WRONG question. Once you find the right question and a legit answer to it then the workout gets easy.



THE EXECUTION: Act on Your Why

And here’s the hard part.


Once you answer your question now you have to decide how you execute.


If you want to build a ton of muscle then running everyday probably isn’t a useful way to execute your “why” answer.


If you need to lose a ton of weight then ignoring your nutrition probably isn’t a useful way to execute your “why” answer.


If you want something you need to LEARN what it takes to TAKE it. Stop guessing, do the work, research it and EXECUTE. The longer you wait the further from your goals you get.


One final note: there is no reason that EVERYONE can’t have the body, strength, or life they want anymore. The internet has GIVEN us the answer to EVERY SINGLE QUESTION, if you aren’t getting what you want it’s because your not looking in the right direction.


And if you search the internet and still can’t find the answer, then ask. I am always available to answer questions. I spend my life trying to find WHY people want to get fit and I can definitely help you find the direction you need to take.


Someone real famous, somewhere awesome, I’m sure said “actions speak louder than words.”


So, be honest with yourself find out what you want and get it done.


IF your up for it share with me some of your goals and HOW you plan on acting on them. Have a plan, always have a plan.


Sour talk today, haha.


If you have any questions let me know, and seeing as nutrition is one of the biggest destroyers of those who want to get fit here is an awesome (and SIMPLE) shopping list to get you on your way.


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Talk soon,


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