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So we took last weekend off to recharge our batteries a bit and hang out with some good friends.


Got to kick it at the beach, drink some great beer, eat tons of carbs, got a couple workouts in, but most importantly we started season 4 of House of Cards.


I mean is there really a better way to spend your 3 day weekend than to eat, drink, workout and binge watch Netflix?


I’d have to say no.


Someone at some point this weekend did mention to me that the beach was close by and the sun was out, but my priorities were clearly set.


I do have to say though, while I was watching Kevin Spacey continue his badass accolades as Frank Underwood I saw some sunlight peak through the curtains.


And that’s just not cool while I’m trying to settle in for a weekend binge on HoC.


So, as I got up to close the curtains and further bury myself in darkness it came to mind that “Shit, summer is coming…”

summer is coming



(That’s right two ridiculously awesome show references in ONE intro, this article really can’t get any better can it?)


Anyway, we’re midway through March and now’s the time to get back in gear for summer goals.


Now, I bring up the summer is coming conversation in March because what tends to happen is I start getting TONS of people interested in getting shredded for summer, in June…


June is summer, come on people. Just in case you weren’t sure…


Not the best time to come up to a trainer and say “Hey Man, I’ve been having trouble losing body fat for 5 years now, but I’d love to see my abs before I go on my Cabo vacation in 3 weeks.”


So, in my desperate attempt to not have this conversation in the middle of June I’m gonna give you some strategies to really drive home your results this year.


Because who doesn’t want to hit the beach with some awesome results under their belt (no weight loss pun intended)?


Everyone does, that’s why I’m here for ya. Let’s get this thing started.


Oh yeah, all my points are titled with House of Cards quotes today, so, ya know… deal with it.



“Do not start a war you know you’re gonna lose.”– Frank Underwood


Keep your goals simple and actionable.


I mean, this sounds insane to say because everyone wants 8% body fat, have bulging ab muscles, run a mile in 4 minutes, hit an 800 pound deadlift, win the Super Bowl, and still be able to finish an 18 inch pizza by themselves.


You’re not gonna win that war. Not in one fail swoop, at least.


And yes, this may be a far fetched dream, but the dream isn’t the problem (except maybe the Super Bowl win).


Lack of focus is the real problem here.


The best way to make your goals reality is to choose ONE and chop it up into simpler tasks, the simpler the task the easier it is to not get OVERWHELMED by end game.


So if you are sitting at 20% body fat and want to be down to 8% then work at dropping 3% at a time, that is still going to take some work, but the task of dropping 3% looks much easier than trying to drop  12% all at once.


Goal setting is about being in a specific mindset.


Your goal can’t be low priority for you to make a REAL change, and it can’t be too large of a task otherwise it’s easy to fail.


So, pick your goal, chop it into manageable tasks, and win that war one battle at a time.



“Treading water is the same as drowning for people like you and me.”– Frank Underwood


Pick a timeline to accomplish your goal.


If you don’t have a timeline, you’re definitely treading water, or drowning.


The best way to keep seeing progress is to choose a day that you plan on completing your desired goal.


Don’t leave anything up to chance.


The second you don’t follow a timeline, you choose to let excuses rule why you don’t achieve your task at hand.


Think about it.


When you have projects at work, school or even at home you give yourself a time frame (or someone else gives you that time frame) to get the task done.


Dishes need to be done BEFORE I go to bed.


My term paper is due NEXT week.


The boss said we need to have a new employee trained by TOMORROW.


We live and die by due dates.


So, why would fitness be any different?


Pick a GOOD time line for your goals and stick to the damn thing.


6 to 9 weeks is a great time frame to get good results for MOST goals.



“Even Achilles was only as strong as his heel”– Frank Underwood


We all have our weaknesses.


Some more than others.


But we need to be able to identify them; if you can find the weakness that truly rocks you then you can set yourself up for success.


If you stay blind to the things holding you back then you are doomed to continue down the same road you have been traveling.


No one ever bettered their situation ignoring their weak links.


So, figure it out.


To get yourself prepped for your summer goals find the things that have made getting healthy hard for you.


IS proper nutrition your weakness? Get on a meal plan


IS over eating your weakness? Track your meals (MyFitnessPal)


Are Burpees, Squats, Deadlifts or Bench Press your weakness? Do more or learn how to do Burpees, Squats, Deadlifts or Bench Press.


IS lack of fitness knowledge your weakness? Read more blogs (or hire a coach!)


IS motivation hard for you? Get a gym partner (or hire a coach!)


IS not having a plan your weakness? Hire a coach.


Look we all got 99 problems but fitness SHOULDN’T be one (I know, Jay-Z would be ashamed of the use of this phrase…).


Get on a plan that plays to your strengths and helps you reduce your weaknesses.



“Proximity to power deludes some into thinking they wield it.”– Frank Underwood


Yeah, even though this quote was meant to be completely negative in context, it holds true.


You are the sum of the people you surround yourself with.


And if that’s the case then you need to find the people that BELIEVE in what you’re doing.


Don’t spend time with people who tell you that you CAN’T do something.


Because, guess what?


Those people say things like that because THEY CAN’T, so they DON’T want you to succeed.


Drop those people.




There are few things in life more caustic than negative people, so find people who hold you in high regard and keep them close.


So, go and find the people who care about what you’re doing and march forward with them.


You will be amazed how simple hitting your goals are when those around you are working on the same thing.



Follow these four principles and you will find yourself on track to success for summer.


Whatever that goal might be you NEED to start now.


Don’t put it off, we are 3 short months from summer and if you want to make progress happen before summer, then it’s time to get serious.


All you gotta do is 1. Keep your goal simple and STICK WITH IT; 2. Pick a time line and STICK WITH IT; 3. Know your weaknesses and own them; and finally 4. Find people who care about your success and surround yourself with those people.


I will leave you with one final quote…


“Even though I am an adult man, I enjoy video games.”-Frank Underwood



The man gets me.


By the way, if you don’t watch House of Cards you need to get on it.


Like, now.


Alright, if you have any questions please let me know and I have a Workout Accountability Calendar for you to download to get yourself on track today, this is the easiest way to focus your efforts and dial in your work load.


And if you don’t have a program to follow go download my FREE ebook “Get Fit Anywhere” (Click Here to Join) and get started today.


Good luck and Talk soon,




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