Six Steps to Creating Better Goals

Today let’s cover goal setting. There are 6 things you NEED to consider every time you plan to accomplish anything.


Not just your fitness goals.


This is probably one of the hardest things for all of us to do RIGHT.


Yes, there is a right and a wrong way to set goals. You may not know this but the goals you set may actually be teeing you up for failure down the road.


So, let’s fix this today.


The first conversation I have with any potential client is “what do you want to gain from an exercise program?”


Surprisingly, this is a difficult question for people. Many say lose weight, look like I did in high school, and get better looking abs.


But honestly, when I hear these I feel like they just got done looking at their most recent magazine or surfing the web and that’s what it told them to say to me…


Once these words have been uttered I die a little inside, these words may be true, but I know that it takes so much more than to just “lose weight.”


Also, these goals just aren’t specific enough to honestly act on.


Then I realized these goals are not the lack of knowing what you want from an exercise and nutrition program.


These goals are the goals that we KNOW we want, we just may not be able to come up with the words for how those goals turn into success stories because we’re not sure what it takes to reach them.


Plus, we are guarded about our goals. We don’t want others to know about them because if we fail then we will be held accountable for the goals we set.


So, the easy way out is to not set realistic, attainable goals. We do this because we would rather fail the big, vague goals than the small, easier goals.


First thing to know about goals: Our path to success is paved by our failures.


If we all succeed the first time we ever did ANYTHING, there’d never be any reason to be BETTER, because we’d already be at our best…


The important message here is to set yourself up for success.


Then if you fail, go back, re-evaluate and move forward. Never let a failure stop you from being better.


Now let’s go through these six steps that will help you come up with better, more attainable goals.



Step One: Pick ONE Goal And Write It Out


This is your ONE over arching, END result goal. 


If you want to lose weight, you write down HOW much weight you want to lose.


If you want to crush a PR in squats, then write what the PR is that you are shooting for.


Even though this is still a vague goal you need to chose something that is able to be measured, that way we can follow progress.


The way this works best is to just chose one thing to work on and crush that goal. Don’t get bogged down by creating 3, 5 or 10 goals to accomplish.



Step Two: How Are You Going To Achieve This Goal?


So, we know WHAT you want to do. Now, HOW are you going to make it happen?


If you chose to lose weight, then what are the things you NEED to have and do to accomplish that?


Don’t be stingy here, make a list. Figure out all the things you need to lose weight. Things like  making a weekly trip to the grocery store because you tend to eat out when you don’t have food at home, or making sure you have a good program to follow.


You can’t just say your going to lose weight or increase a personal record on a lift and leave it there.


Get specific and make sure you create an environment that is conducive to reaching your goal.



Step Three: Track, Measure, Count, etc.


The next step is to find out how you will track your goal and how will you know when you reached that goal.


Example: If I’m trying to gain 5 pounds of lean muscle, then I need to make sure I measure my body fat about once per week. Then I will calculate my body fat percentage to find my lean body mass. Once I reach 5 pounds of lean body mass I know I have reached my goal and I was able to accurately measure my progress.


tape-403593_1280The idea here is not to leave anything up to chance.



Get whatever tools or strategies you need to follow progress (Body Fat Monitor, Shopping Lists, Workout logs…etc.).


The more you track and follow your progress (even if it’s slow), you will at least KNOW that you are heading in the right direction.


DO NOT skip this step, in fact, don’t skip ANY of the steps.




Step Four: Eliminate Obstacles 


Now we need to get rid of anything tha makes it difficult for you to reach your goals.


If you don’t know what exercises to do, then go have a consultation with a trainer at your local gym.


Generally, if you haven’t met with a trainer before, they are willing to sit down with you for 30 or 40 minutes and help get you on track.


If you’re having a tough time with nutrition then log your food with a nutrition tracker like MyFitnessPal.


If you don’t have time to get to the gym, use high intensity home workouts (You know, like my FREE e-book Get Fit Anywhere, just sayin…)


What I’m sayin here is that you need to eliminate ALL the reasons you CHOOSE not to workout.


Because that is all it is, it’s a choice to not workout, it’s a choice not to eat for your goals, change your mindset from “I SHOULD workout,” to “I NEED to workout.”


Find someone that supports you reaching your goals and will help motivate you to push to the next level.



Step 5: Why?


I want to know WHY you want to lose weight, I don’t care if it’s something as simple as “I just want to look better.” 


But now is the time to figure out why your goal is actually important to you. 


The reason this is so important is because if we don’t have any REAL, underlying reason to lose weight, gain muscle or drop body fat, then this is just an easy goal to over look and not follow through with. 


So find a reason to make this a solid, reasonable and actionable goal. Because you can do anything, you just have to get in the right mindset.


Step Six: Have a Deadline


Set an end date.


This needs to happen with ANY goal, EVERY TIME.


Your goal to lose weight should not be just an arbitrary, on going goal.


IF you chose to lose 5 pounds then say you will lose 5 pounds in 6 weeks, then you need to follow through.


Once you reach that goal, then pick another goal, be specific, set another deadline and do it all over again.


This is how you accomplish goals successfully.


Take this information and put it somewhere you can see it DAILY.


By the way, you can use this method for goal setting of any kind. Not just your gym goals.


But if you are serious about a certain goal this will not be a difficult task.


Plus, once you do this the goals you choose become much small pieces of pie to slowly take chunks out of.


Just remember failure WILL happen. If you see a failure for what it is that just means you are one more step closer to success.


If you need any help let me know.


Have a great week,




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