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SOOOOO it’s been a little while since my last post. But I’m finally back at it and pumped to get back into the blogging game…


It’s been a crazy, crazy busy last few weeks. I didn’t even get to go see Captain America: Civil War until last weekend! I know, it’s me the guy who watched Dare Devil Season 2 in less than 3 days and I, unfortunately, waited almost a month before seeing the one movie I waited a year to see…




Anyway, I saw it, and it was amazing and if you haven’t seen it I fully recommend you catch it. Definitely a movie worth seeing in theaters rather than renting!


Ok, ok moving on to fitness.


Today I want to discuss the characteristics that I’ve found that are required to hitting goals, getting fit and pretty much just having an overall better lifestyle.


First off, the amount of people who are just NATURALLY fit is low. Like minuscule, tiny, almost non-existent.


And when I say “naturally fit” I’m not talking about the skinny fat phenomenon we are seeing these days I’m talking about the guy or girl whose just built with lean muscle mass and doesn’t seem to lose it (even when they eat out all the time).


The rest of the people who are fit, are those who are working their ASSES off, then they’re maintaining that lifestyle to STAY fit.


We all want to be fit, strong, lean and healthy. So, today let me tell you about a few of the main characteristics of people who are fit and stay fit, because those who are fit live their life to be fit. And it’s a learned process that everyone can have access to.


They Don’t Diet

Most people who are fit DON’T diet.


They have learned what their specific nutrition needs look like on a day to day basis and they PLAN their meals based on that.


They may adjust their MACROS (Proteins, Fats and Carbs) to better fit their fitness goals but they make it a lifestyle rather than a diet.


Dieting just leads to yo-yoing in weight and doesn’t do any good.


They also understand that having a good relationship with food is important.


Cheating here and there is fine but understanding that ONE cheat does not mean you have permission to continue cheating. You get your one then you get back on track.


They Make Fitness Fun (And a Priority)

Fit people tend to really enjoy their time being active.


This doesn’t always mean fit people are running marathons or living as gym rats all the time to keep their physique.


Woman exercising in nature natural smile happy and strong on grass field sunny day

There are plenty of ways to make being active fun. Especially choosing a sport or some form of community to be a part of that’s very active.


You just understand that, yeah, you’ll probably still have to visit your local gym from time to time in order to keep those muscles looking pretty and not gain weight or body fat back.


Fitness has to be a priority still but that doesn’t mean it can’t be enjoyable.


They Stay Active Constantly

Fit people find a way to be active just about every day.


Even “rest days” fit people tend to have some form of exercise or activity in there somewhere.


You don’t have to hit the gym every day, but you should definitely have stretch days, cardio days, maybe go for a hike, walk or a jog. Pretty much the goal though should be to do something that gets your heart pumping EVERYDAY.


I truly believe many people MISUNDERSTAND rest days and take them as a “do nothing at all” day when really rest days should be used to try and recover from one of your really intense workouts.


It’s time to throw out the “do nothing” days and make sure every single day has some form of structured exercise or activity planned. Check out my post on how many days per week I should exercise to learn more.


They Know The Importance of Rest

If you’re getting serious about getting fit you CANNOT ignore the absolute importance of awesome rest.


I have talked in great detail before the crazy amount of benefits you get from getting tons of uninterrupted sleep.


Most notably is the the effect it has on keeping good balance of your hormones. If we keep our hormones and endocrine system in check we can really harness our fat burning potential and quickly get on track to being much more fit.


The more I talk to people the more I realize that many people are allowing their sleep to fall by the wayside because they feel they have WAY MORE important things to do. Then they wonder why they can’t lose weight…


It’s because not sleeping puts your body in a state of stress, and stress really throws our hormones out of balance, and when those hormones are out of balance you pack on the pounds (mostly around the midsection too).


SOOOO  get 7-9 hours of sleep each night to keep good hormone balance and recover from rough training days.


They Don’t Worry About Perfection

Getting fit requires us to do so much but what we forget is that we’re not trying to strive for perfection, we’re trying to strive for better. 


Fitness is like football, it’s all about moving the ball one yard at a time until you get a touchdown. Then you turn around and do it again.


Even though there’s an end to a football game, there’s no end to being fit, there’s only the next down.


Don’t be perfect, just be better than you were before.


So, if you messed up today and went and had a huge cheat meal, don’t let it ruin you for the day, the week or the month. Just move on enjoy the cheat you had and make sure the next meal you have fits your plan.


Although some people who are fit may be trying to reach their idea of the “perfect body”, MOST are just trying to better themselves by being healthy people.


These are characteristics that MANY fit people have, not all. Of course fitness is different for everyone.


But these are characteristics that I know many people over look and just assume that fit people have always been fit and that they just have it in them to be fit. Not true. These are characteristics that can be learned and applied DAILY to help you create a better lifestyle.


So, if you’re having trouble losing weight, building muscle or burning body fat I expect you to go back through this article and choose just ONE characteristic that you want to make your own.


Then own it. Make it routine, turn it into a habit. That’s your job for this week. Get it done! And have a great week.


Talk Soon,



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