Boost Your Motivation By Following Some Simple Rules

When we get busier guess what falls by the way side… exercise. And that’s just a no no.

So, to help you stay focused on your fitness goals I’m going to share my strategies to improve your motivation to drive that focus into a laser pin point.

I have three things, that kill motivation, I need you to look at and (if you are doing them) STOP right now. These three things are detrimental to continued success. They may seem simple but I guarantee that if you analyze your last two weeks you are probably guilty of doing at least ONE of these “motivation killers.”

After I tell you about the top three things you need to stop doing to increase motivation I’m going to cover my top three things you need to START doing. And this can all be done today.


Don’t Be Negative

Without getting all soft and gushy here I do need to tell you that a negative attitude and negative behaviors towards exercise are crushing your motivation. So, stop with all the negativity.  The only thing you should be negative toward is the fact that you are going to crush today’s workout. Then do just that.

Identify what is putting that negative shadow over your day and make a move around it. Here are a couple examples.

If you are feeling down about your weight then think about the choices you will make today that will help move your weight in the “right” direction.

Now, if you ask me about your weight I’ll say I don’t care… because I don’t. Guess what strong people weigh more. But if you want to hear me go on about weight vs. fat then checkout these blog posts (Focus on Fat Loss, Not Weight Loss Pt 1 and Pt 2).

If you are bummed that you’re not sure where to start and don’t know what workouts to do then here you go. These workouts can be done anywhere in under 45 minutes. Cheer up.


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Don’t Compare

Don’t compare where you are at physically with others. Unless you are an athlete or are competing your comparisons are useless when it comes to your health. Even those competing need to keep their comparisons to a minimum and just focus on their own work.

Look if you just started working out and trying to be healthier then why in the world would you compare yourself to someone who has been doing it for years.

THAT MAKES NO SENSE! Did that come across as yelling, because that was my goal…

If you started working out 3 months ago you will not look, or lift, like JJ Watt. Although, that would be awesome. Let’s take a moment and enjoy the athleticism that is JJ Watt…


Don’t Be Impatient

Finally you absolutely need to stop being impatient. Look patience is a requirement for a healthy lifestyle. Many of us spent years getting out of shape only to expect to get shredded in 6 weeks.

It takes time to get fit, stay fit and continue improving. Time is our enemy, so conquer it by making sure that every day you are putting in the necessary time to crush your goals.



Here are 3 quick things that you can do to pump your results to the next level starting now.


Create Simple Goals

Duh, goals. But today I want you to choose ONE main goal (it damn well better not be to lose weight). Then I want you to find out what it takes WEEKLY to eventually hit this goal.

Example:  I’m currently at a 405 deadlift, I want to get back to a 500 pound deadlift. So, one time each week I test. And I want a 5 pound increase each week. Guess what it’s gonna take me some time to get there.

And I fully understand that there will be a time or two where I do not improve and I will have to deal with it as it comes. But that’s a goal, weighing less is not…

NOTE: If you feel you ABSOLUTELY need to have weight loss as a goal I want to know why. Please tell me why you feel MUST lose weight in the comments below. I truly want to know why you feel that weighing less will make you healthier.


Make Exercise Fun

If you don’t enjoy some part of exercise you will just dread it. So find at least ONE thing you enjoy and train for it. I have a few clients that want to do better Box Jumps or Squat more, so that’s what we work for.

No they don’t just squat or jump all day. But I do set up their program to improve the movement they want to do better at. Go find the exercise you enjoy or really want to improve on then find a program that revolves around you getting better at it.


Be Accountable

Don’t count on yourself for this part. You need to find someone who will do this for you. Get your husband, wife, best friend, or better yet your trainer to keep you accountable.

If you do it yourself it is just TOO easy to quit and no one will ever know. But if I, or any of your loved ones, know that you did not follow through we will ask you the hard questions.

Why? Why didn’t you go to the gym? Oh, ok you didn’t have time? But what about that workout Trevor gave you that you can do from home that only takes about 40 minutes? Did you do that one? No, ok then, go do it.


Having someone keep you accountable to the work you do is an amazing motivator. Why do you think you have a supervisor at work, it’s not just someone to annoy the hell outta you all day for no reason. They keep you accountable to the work that you are supposed to do.


Alright enough talk today. So I want you to do some work building your motivation.

  1. Stop being negative, stop comparing yourself to others, and stop being impatient.
  2. Choose one goal and chop it up into weekly bite size pieces.
  3. Find your accountability partner, like right now, and tell them your weekly goal.


If you are willing to share with me what your one major goal is please let me know in the comments section below. I would really like to know what it is that you are trying to work on, plus it might help you keep accountable and motivated!

Finally thanks for reading and if you know anyone who could benefit from this post please share it with them. If you want more tips, strategies and workouts then subscribe below and you will receive my weekly newsletter. Plus you will get my free e-book which has 24 workouts, nutrition guidance and a complete training manual.


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