Don’t let your workout fall short today cuz you’re busy.

Here’s a 30 minute workout that can be done anywhere… No excuses!

Alright, sorry to burst your bubble today but you can get that dreaded workout within 30 minutes and not have to step foot into your gym.

Your welcome.

I understand what being bogged down with work is like. I also know that the first thing that gets dropped off the priorities list when life gets busy is our trip to the gym. So, if you are as busy as I think you are then go home, grab some dinner, then instead of sitting on your couch and fitness-594143_1280watching a movie, let’s put that movie on and workout.

Best of both worlds, again, your welcome. Did I say there were videos too, well there are! Click the link if you are unsure about an exercise. Now let’s get to work…


First Circuit: Go through each exercise sequentially, once you complete the circuit rest 45 seconds. Repeat 3 more times for a total of 4 rounds.
4 sets- Single Leg Dead Lifts (8 reps per leg)
4 sets- Incline Pushups (Find a chair or window sill, 8 reps)
4 sets- Planks (30 seconds)


Now your warm, let’s step it up. Same idea as the first circuit, except only a 30 second rest between sets.
3 sets- Prisoner Squats (12 reps)
3 sets- Tricep Dips (grab that chair again, 10 reps)
3 sets-  Up Downs (6-8 reps)


Now your tired so let’s finish this up. Still circuit style but now no rest, at all just get through the exercises until you have completed 3 sets.
3 sets- Squat Jumps (10)
3 sets- Jumping Jacks (20)
3 sets- Pike Position Push-up (8)


Bam! You killed it and start to finish this bad boy should only take you about 30 minutes. Not only are you that much more awesome, you were still able to binge watch Game of Thrones. You should probably go shower though, cuz I imagine you are a bit sweaty.

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Later guys,



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