Let’s Talk Accountability




I’m guessing at least once this week (maybe even twice) you mentally argued with yourself about exercising. I have and I have a home gym. So, there really shouldn’t be any excuse NOT to workout.


Don’t stress, you’re not the only one out there talking yourself out of your workout. It happens to everyone from time to time. The main thing is to not let that internal battle to not exercise win. You need to have some tools in your bag to defeat the motivation killing, negative thoughts.


And that’s EXACTLY what I’m going to do for you today.


I want to cover some ways to increase your accountability to your fitness program, daily exercise, routines, nutrition, or really just about anything that requires you to hit goals and follow deadlines.


So, you have a gym membership, you have your workout plan, you got some new workout shoes, some new workout clothes, and you spent 7 hours reading about all the dos and don’ts of nutrition (and still may not be sure what to eat or what to avoid…).


Now what?


Because for some reason even though you got all the stuff, you still seem to be missing days at the gym, or maybe you crushed the gym for 2 or 3 weeks then got back to old habits of sleeping in or hitting up the drive through right after a tough day at work.


Well guess what, I happen to have a few tips you can implement into your daily life so that burning fat, losing weight and building awesome muscle becomes just another part of your daily routine.


Create an Accountability Calendar

First things first, pick a goal, choose a program to fit that goal, THEN FOLLOW THE PLAN. And one of the best ways to do that is create an accountability calendar.


All you gotta do is print a 30 day calendar (or maybe a few 30 day calendars) and write down what days you will go to the gym, write down rest days, and write down cardio days. If you want to take it a step further label what times you will actually GO to the gym and workout.


And yes I want you to print this calendar because I want you take it and put it on your fridge, bathroom mirror, desk, I don’t care where but put it somewhere that you can look at it daily and be able to cross off days you completed or make quick adjustments if necessary.


If you’re interested here’s the Accountability Calendar I created. So, make life easy and download mine below.




Find A Workout Partner

If printing out a calendar and being forced to look at it daily still doesn’t get you into the gym more often then your next option is to find a workout partner.


Find someone that’s just as invested in making a change as you are, because if they are they are prone to missing workouts then they’re probably not the best person to boost your own accountability.


Conversely, don’t find someone who’s an extremist, because they’re goals may not line up with your own and then you just won’t see the results you want. So, pick your workout partner carefully. Then make sure you guys have a plan to follow through on!


Create Your Own Fitness Rules

Creating your own rules is meant for you to cement good fitness habits and drop the excuses. So, for that to happen you need to create rules that you can handle, but don’t overwhelm you.


Create rules like ” I will walk for 20 to 30 minutes EVERY SINGLE DAY”, or, ” I will go to the gym EVERY Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.”


Here’s what my fitness rule book looks like (at least some of it, my rule book is getting a little long and convoluted these days…):

-Exercise EVERY DAY

-Weight train at least 4 times per week

-No cheat meals unless I have already worked out

-15-20 minutes of conditioning work every day

-2 mile run 4 times per week



Look, it doesn’t have to be difficult it just has to make you feel guilty if you DON’T follow through on the rules that you’ve set. So, come up with a set of rules for yourself (or use some of mine) and don’t miss them.


Get Selfish

Most of the clients I have, and the people I consult with, tell me that they have spent the last 2, 5, 10 or more years making family, friends, pets and plants higher on their priority list than their own health.


The plants thing isn’t just to be funny, I literally had someone tell me they spend more hours with their veggie garden then they do in the gym… and it was almost non negotiable when I said they needed to stop it to drop 80 pounds…


It’s time to take time for yourself and get right with your health.fitness-motivation-gym-inspiration-quote-saying-meme-workout-tone-and-tighten-waiting-for-a-sign


And guess what, it’s actually easier for you to make the excuse that the reason you didn’t workout today is because you spent all your time caring for family, cooking, cleaning, working, brushing your teeth, brushing the dogs teeth or blah, blah, blah.


It’s just excuses and you need to drop them to get fit, so get selfish if you want to lose weight. Find a plan, make it your top priority, and get healthy. Trust me you deserve it, and I’m betting your family knows you deserve to get in shape.


The funny thing here, besides the veggie garden, you getting healthy and losing weight will actually make you more energetic, efficient and productive for the people around you.


Pay For The Accountability

No, you don’t have to hire me (the option’s always there). But you really should put some form of money down on your health.


Having to pay someone as a trainer, or for a program, puts the monetary incentive on your shoulders. They will give you a plan (hopefully tailored to your goals), that YOU paid for, so USE IT.


And remember when it comes to exercise programs this is how you should consider them; Best is Better, Something is better than nothing, and Nothing is unacceptable.


Wrapping it Up

If you want results YOU are the only one who can make a change. These are just a few tips to help you along the way, but seriously ONLY YOU can show up do the work that is required to see the results you want to see.


Accountability is only a state of mind so if you truly want it, get it.


If you haven’t done a regular exercise routine in the last 1 to 3 months (or longer) then your daily routine is dysfunctional and needs to change immediately.


Before you try any of these tips above to improve your accountability you first need to find a program that suits you. If you don’t know what that is then contact me and we can do a session together and talk about your specific goals and how you can reach them.


Your homework for the week:

-Find Program

-Follow Program

-Stay Accountable to Your Program

-And don’t EVER quit your program early (unless you get injured then that’s a whole other situation…)


Have a great week and I’ll talk with you soon.



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