5 Ways to Upgrade Your Fitness Program and Burn Fat



I know getting in shape is no easy task. But I want you to know that we can turn just about any program you’re on into a fat burning beast.

I also know you have probably bounced through 10, 20, 30, 100 different programs looking for the one that does what you need it to.

So, today I’m going to help you upgrade any program that is focused on burning fat and building muscle with 5 tips you can implement starting today.

We will have you fit and ready for summer in no time, just gotta get buckled down, get to work and actually USE these tips to boost your current fitness program.

By the way if you don’t have much time to read the full article right now you can download the PDF version HERE.


Increase Weights

If you feel your current program isn’t making the cut for you then the first variable to look at should be increasing the weight of the exercises you’re doing.

People tend to forget the whole idea of weight training is to lift MORE weight.

Not to mention the more weight you lift the more calories you burn. And this happens in two forms.fitness-375472_1280

First is, obviously, increasing the weight that you lift is going to be harder, if it’s harder you will expend more energy, energy leads to increasing our metabolism and ultimately with an increased metabolism we are burning more fat.

Second, is as we increase our weights we get stronger and build more muscle. Having more muscle than fat will lead to higher caloric expenditure throughout the day (assuming you’re not over eating after workouts).

It’s proven that the more muscle requires more calories. So, get to work putting as much muscle on your body as possible so you can boost your fat burning potential. 

By the way if you haven’t tried using lifting bands to increase your workout intensity this one of my favorite ways to either make a bench press or squat MUCH harder.

You can also use these to decrease your weights and increase your workout intensity, which happens to be the next topic… flawless transition…


Increase Intensity

The next training variable you need to change up in your routine is your exercise intensity. If lifting those weights isn’t hard then you need to step up your game.

If you’re not exhausted or out of breath at the end of each set, you need to speed up the rate you are pumping out reps OR you can take your last set of an exercise to failure.

When you’re increasing the pace that you’re completing your reps you need to make sure you have good form. Don’t just start bouncing your squats around because you want to burn more calories and increase your heart rate. Quality still beats out quantity when it comes to exercises. Make each rep count, quick but controlled.

If you’re going to test yourself a bit then during your next workout do a couple exercises to failure. Again make sure you stay safe.

If you’re going to squat to failure, make sure you’re in a squat rack with pins you can set at a proper height.

If you’re going to bench to failure, make sure you have a partner to pull that weight off ya. Don’t put yourself in an unsafe situation when lifting, the injury will only set you back and won’t help at all when it comes to burning fat.

Another way to increase your overall intensity is to make sure you have some full body training days in your plan, that way you can work many muscle groups and really increase the effort you put in.


Decrease Rest

Even though I didn’t prioritize this as my first change to a training program this is easily my favorite.

So, before you DECREASE your rest period make sure you are actually TAKING the correct rests that your program calls for.

If you’re supposed to be resting for 30 seconds and are able to find time on Facebook in that time, then guess what? You’re taking MORE than 30 seconds.

Stop taking selfies, updating statuses or flipping through music and you will find that your workouts go much faster.

Now, that we covered actually paying attention to your CURRENT rest times let’s look at decreasing those times.

The best way to do this is to only take the rest you need to continue on, of course there are some exercises that require more rest but when it comes to training programs that burn fat I like to use as little rest as possible.

Keeping your heart rate high makes your training session almost like a high intensity training session, and high intensity training is a great way to burn tons of fat.

So, if you have workouts where you are resting for 60, 90 or 120 seconds, then reduce it by 25%-50%.

If it was too hard, increase your rest.

If it was too easy, decrease it some more.

This is why this is my favorite variable, because if you are having a day where you are just crushing weights and can keep that momentum with little rest I say “get it.”

And if you’re having an off day then we can push the rest time back to its normal length.


Add Some Intervals

If all else fails, if you have tried EVERYTHING on this list, then throw some High Intensity Interval training, or conditioning, at the end of your workout.

If you still have some gas in the tank then let’s remove it and burn every last drop.

This definitely isn’t something I’d recommend doing at the end of EVERY workout but you can toss in some HIIT 3 or 4 days per week and see AWESOME results.

Also make sure to spread these out about every other day. Because of the high intensity nature of interval training means you will need about 24-48 hours to recover before you’re 100% ready to get at it again.

High intensity training requires so much energy that this burns tons of calories, increases your cardiovascular levels AND builds muscle.

So it’s no wonder why EVERY trainer gets shit tossed their way when they tell their clients that it’s time for Burpees, because after one workout with some high intensity conditioning it’s hard to forget.

Anyway, here’s an interval routine that I enjoy using from time to time. So, give it a shot and let me know how it goes!

Click Here to Get Your HIIT Workout


Remove Rest Days

If decreasing rest time was my favorite variable then removing rest days would definitely be my runner up.

I am a strong believer in being active EVERY SINGLE DAMN DAY.

Our bodies are meant to move, not sit and stare at phones and computer screens.

Here’s how I go about removing rest days.

First, I say we’re not TAKING away your rest, we’re just making a mindset change on what rest ACTUALLY is.

Rest might be taking a break from your weight training days but it doesn’t mean you get to sit on the couch and lounge all day.

You should have a something planned on your “Active Rest” days to do instead of weight training.fitness-713658_1280

This is a great time to get 30-45 minutes of cardio in.

Maybe brush up on some stretching that you’ve been ignoring.

The idea is to do SOMETHING EVERYDAY. Trust me; very few of us need a full day off.

Plus, you will be absolutely amazed at how quickly you begin to see results when you find time to be active every day.


There are 5 tips that you can go and insert into your current program TODAY.

If you’ve been having trouble seeing results from your current program ADD these in and watch the results roll in. Just know you have to stay dedicated and push to stay consistent.

Now if you don’t have a program here’s one you can start with (Click Here to Joinand as it gets easier for you start implementing these 5 strategies to keep crushing goals. My program includes 24+ workouts, exercise demo videos, nutrition guide, calendars and logs. Everything you need to see success starting right now.


If you have any questions please let me know.

Talk soon,



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